Provincial Standing Committee held a meeting to learn the spirit of cooperation between the East and

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7 22, provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng chaired the Standing Committee meeting, conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the forum of collaboration of poverty alleviation, the Communist Party "Chinese accountability regulations", the central tenth round of inspections mobilization spirit of our province to implement the views; arrangements for the second half of the economic work.

meeting decided in mid August to convene the twelve plenary meeting of the provincial Party committee in the middle of twelve. This session’s theme is: to the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech in particular "71" the spirit of the speech as a guide, conscientiously study and implement the national science and Technology Innovation Conference and east collaboration of poverty alleviation Forum (Yinchuan Conference), the current arrangements for the focus of the work, to ensure a good start of the "13th Five-Year", for Qinghai to build a more harmonious and beautiful continue to struggle.

conference to learn the spirit of the Forum on poverty alleviation. It is pointed out that the Forum on poverty alleviation and cooperation between the East and the west is a very important meeting held in the stage of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way. General secretary Xi Jinping at the meeting made important speech profoundly expounded the significance of poor east collaboration and targeted aid, a clear focus of the work under the new situation of poverty alleviation collaboration and targeted aid, provides an important follow for the new era of poverty alleviation work well. Provincial Party committees and governments at all levels should take the general secretary of the important speech as a guide to the Party Central Committee, to the general secretary of the line, always put the burden of poverty alleviation shoulder on shoulder. To learn good practices of other provinces, as a proactive, enhanced targeted, taking the revised green counterpart aid and improve the green counterpart aid "13th Five-Year" plan, pay more attention to intellectual support and education aid, to further increase the green counterpart aid co-ordination and convergence efforts to improve the high-level joint conference system, multi-level and multi-channel expand the poor cooperation and exchanges and cooperation between the level of poverty alleviation plan to further cooperation and assistance of youth work. The meeting stressed that the west is cooperation opportunities, and is a great article, Party committees and governments at all levels should further enhance understanding, strengthen leadership, clear focus, and strengthen measures to strengthen the supervision and evaluation of outstanding, solid work, to ensure that the province’s poverty alleviation work to achieve tangible results.

meeting to study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping on grasping the important spirit of the party building to promote poverty alleviation and focus on the region to grasp the party building to promote poverty alleviation work forum spirit. The meeting pointed out that to partybuilding and promoting poverty alleviation work, to seize the important opportunity to change the city, township, optimal selection with strong leadership, leading cadres in poor areas, the grass-roots party organizations to lead the masses to built the strong fortress of poverty alleviation. To combine the "two learning and doing" learning and education, to promote the majority of Party members in the fight against poverty in the vanguard, contribution. Relying on the "three basic" building long-term catch catch, Party building and promoting poverty alleviation into "construction in the coming five years of work, as an important content of" Three Basics "construction of the annual assessment. To focus on playing a role in grasping management, strengthen the daily management and assessment system in accordance with the matter, give full play to the leading role of the first secretary. The meeting stressed the need to pay close attention to the drafting of the province’s "on grasping the party building to promote poverty alleviation opinions", proposed to provide strong measures to overcome poverty, strong organization, cadres, personnel, style of protection measures.


Yellow water, don’t be nervous! Investigation on hygienic standard of drinking water in Xining four

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in late July, after a day without water, Mr. Zhang, who lives in a district of Xining turned on the faucet and found that the flow of water is yellow, there are a large number of small particles and mixed with rust flavor. But let go of tap water to let it flow for a while, the water has slowly become clear, this is what is going on?

Xining water Refco Group Ltd staff said that the water is likely to be yellow after a temporary water supply caused by water. After the water, the water in the pipeline corrosion rushed out; the fine particles are water pressure suddenly increases, the tube sediment scour out, this usually does not last too long, the water will soon recover.

so, the urban water supply pipeline has rusted it? How to solve this problem?

Xining water quality monitoring center director Lu Shuying introduced, before the Xining city water supply pipeline laying basically is cement pipe, steel pipe and cast iron pipe, the pipe is used for a period of time, will occur because of various reasons of corrosion or deposit. Specifically, the water contains a certain concentration of metal ions, such as calcium and magnesium ions, iron ions, the metal ion reaches a certain concentration in the water supply pipe network after deposition on the inner walls of pipelines, pipeline caused by encrustation; water, water in the form of negative pressure generating breath. At this time, there will be damaged places will seep into the surface of dirty water and impurities; microorganisms will accelerate the corrosion of the pipeline, scaling. Therefore, the transformation and renovation of urban water supply network is an important measure to improve the quality of household water.

Xining water supply Refco Group Ltd chief engineer Zhou Min told reporters, at present, to do a one-time renovation of all water supply lines in Xining is difficult. First of all, the lack of funds is the main problem of pipe network renovation work. Xining city water supply pipe network transformation, funding sources rely mainly on the project after layer by layer, waiting for the relevant state departments approved. Even if the project successfully approved, the proportion of investment is basically half of the country, half of the enterprise self. Therefore, as a self financing water supply enterprises, pipe network construction and transformation of the financial pressure is relatively large. In recent years, our province finance is also increasing year by year in construction of city network investment, but because of the funding gap, many historical debts, there are still many problems can not be solved at once.

Zhou Min went on to say that the renovation of the water supply network must be integrated with the overall planning of municipal construction, the overall advance. Due to the constraints of the social and economic environment in the past, Xining city water supply network has not established a formal file information, water supply pipe network in the end is how the situation, no one can say. In the past the city network update, only piecemeal. In order to find out the overall laying of the underground pipe network in Xining, 2010, Xining city water supply department jointly with the relevant departments of the Xining underground pipe network conducted a census. A staff of a well, a water pipe to detect a water pipe, after more than two years, the basic understanding of the overall situation of the laying of underground pipe network in Xining, and the preparation of an investigation report. At present, the report;

Provinces and cities leading cadres to participate in voluntary tree planting

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4 on the morning of 18, provincial leadership cadres to participate in voluntary tree planting in the East District of Xining Sha Tang Chuan River, with practical action to add green beautiful Qinghai.

Luo Huining of secretary of provincial Party committee, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Hao Peng, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee Wang Jianjun, the provincial CPPCC Chairman Ren Qing, Provincial Standing Committee Dorje Geltan, Zhang Guangrong, Ma Shunqing, Zhang Jianmin, Wang Xiaoyong, Wang Xiao, Li Songshan, Wang Yubo, Dan, and Hu Changsheng participated in the tree planting.

to carry out a nationwide voluntary tree planting campaign in 35 years, the concept of ecological civilization constantly popular, "love green, green for building a better home" has become the conscious action of the cadres and the masses.

the water rippling, cross-strait green is getting stronger. Provincial and municipal leaders and cadres in Xining, more than 300 people from all walks of life, students put into the work of planting trees. We shovel earth, watering seedling supporting working procedures, strict in demands, be in full swing scene. Tight labor, Chinese pine, apricot and peach, lilac, from a total of more than 1500 seedlings stand upwind, germination vigor and hope.


12th Five-Year" since, in our province ecological protection priority coordination to promote economic and social development, accelerate afforestation to increase the total quantity of resources sharing, adhere to promote green Huimin, actively explore the practice characteristics of the plateau greening patterns, forestry development has entered the history of the best period. By the end of 2015, the province’s forest coverage rate increased to 6.3%. Among them, the Xining forest coverage rate increased to 32%, and successfully achieved the goal of creating a national forest city.

forestry department deputy director He Wancheng said in an interview, we should thoroughly implement the General Secretary Xi Qinghai delegation in the spirit of an important speech, to promote the protection of the ecological environment, adhere to the basic state policy of conserving resources and protect the environment, promote the formation of green development and way of life, let people share the ecological and environmental protection and welfare. This year, the province plans to complete 125 thousand hectares of afforestation, focusing on strengthening the railway, along the road and surrounding towns, key areas of green. He said that the voluntary tree planting activities, is to continue to enhance the ecological awareness of the whole people, called on everyone to act, to build their homes more beautiful livable.


Xining City League to disabled orphans care delivery

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In September 30th, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, Xining municipal NLD chairman Zhang Ying led the NLD office comrades went to Xining city children’s Welfare Institute to visit orphans and disabled children and send holiday greetings.

Xining brainstorming for the development of four districts and counties of the three

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December 18th, December 25th, the Xining municipal government held four districts and three county forum, mayor Wang Yubo presided over the meeting, three county district four to listen to the work report, on the development of urbanization, the work plan for next year. Wang Yubo stressed that the county should be combined with the spirit of the spirit of eighteen, the central economic work conference, the national rural work conference to study and implement the party, closely linked with their actual, stand on a higher perspective plan next year, open deep thinking, go all out competing development.

Wang Yubo stressed that the four district government to fully reflect the development of strategic thinking is the hard truth, coordination of industry, enterprises and employment "three" problem, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, enterprise development, full employment quality. Promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry in the development of the main market, the development of the service industry to benefit the masses, the quality of development embodied in the high quality of employment and increase the income of residents. To find a breakthrough, innovative methods of work, and actively promote the transformation of villages, actively and steadily promote the transfer of agricultural population of citizens. To clarify the responsibility to increase the intensity of urban planning and construction, so that the city more modern atmosphere, grade, characteristics. To achieve urban fine management, two to three years to complete the transformation of shanty towns. In improving people’s livelihood, the people need to do more things, more people do the most recognized things.

Wang Yubo stressed that the three county government to study and analyze how to build a well-off society in the county as a unit, to develop a comprehensive plan to build a moderately prosperous society. To "let the people truly benefit" is the essence of a comprehensive well-off society, in accordance with the 6 categories of 23 indicators for monitoring system, highlighting the per capita GDP, urbanization rate, three core indicators of income, analysis in the process of building a well-off society in the county, facing the development status, problems, objectives, and breakthrough measures. To solve the industrialization and urbanization of the two co-ordinate and promote each other, unswervingly bigger and stronger and solid County Industrial park. To do a good job in accordance with urban standards county planning, to create a number of the province’s first-class central town. To increase the income of farmers as the theme and focus of rural work to achieve rapid growth of farmers’ income. To increase the reform of the household registration system, as soon as possible to start the construction of new rural communities. To promote the integration of the development of cultural tourism, to create a number of domestic and foreign influence, the market of scenic spots. To focus on improving people’s livelihood, to solve the education, health care, social security and other issues. (author: Sheng Nan)

Xining Republican Road Primary School Teachers and students to carry out safety education activities

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May 12th, Xining City Road Primary School Teachers and students to strengthen of awareness of security, to prevent the occurrence of student safety accidents, in the day of disaster prevention and mitigation of the "security is life, responsibility weightier than Mount Tai" as the theme of the campus safety investigation and student safety education activities.

the safety leading group by Muslim Lane police station, Republican road primary school vice president of legal, east of the city traffic police brigade police officers and law school counselors, to carry out a comprehensive inspection of school safety facilities, mainly related to the teaching building, boiler room, power distribution room, the campus and the surrounding environment. Through the examination, the school gate, xiadou Street Road on the north side of the transformer installed security warning signs; no "into the street outside the school campus slow" school students, traffic safety, school safety leading group, the relevant departments to solve immediately coordinate. According to the safety leading group responsible person, carry out the "day of disaster prevention and mitigation activities aimed at safety education, safety knowledge, our teachers and students to improve disaster prevention and mitigation awareness and self-protection ability of teachers and students, to minimize the primary safety accidents, ensure the personal safety of students.


Xining city traffic police detachment focused on the rectification of illegal acts

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mixer to effectively curb the occurrence of traffic accidents, in March 15th 22, Xining city traffic police detachment has organized the city’s concrete mixing truck sales of commercial concrete transportation enterprises, specifically for commercial concrete transportation vehicles into illegal traffic violations, held a joint meeting, the full range of thorough investigation and severe punishment traffic violations of various types of road concrete mixer the.

March 12th, Xichuan provincial road traffic accident, through field investigation, the cause of the accident is the truck traveling from west to East Lane when a head-on collision, traveling from east to West 41 bus, the accident caused a dead more than and 30 injured.

since March 17th, the Xining city traffic police detachment of the city’s 22 units engaged in the sale and sale of concrete business units and drivers focused on remediation. First of all by the enterprises to organize the manager, employees, driver learning method test method, establish the system of enterprise internal management of transportation safety, disable the misdeeds of the driver. Strict implementation of the enterprise internal traffic inspection and registration system. Public security traffic police composed of teaching group, the door into the enterprise to open the traffic safety class, face to face lectures. Secondly, the depth of the concrete transport enterprises, the internal security system, vehicle parts performance, driver qualification and driving safety requirements of a wide range of repeated inspections. The driving cycle on occurrence of road traffic accidents were mainly responsible for major traffic accidents with 12 points, three years, two years, two years is speeding more than 50% traffic violations, the year a total of 7 times the general traffic violation records, one by one investigation and clean-up. There are security risks but refused to promptly eliminate the transport unit, send police to stay behind the door to monitor their outage, motor vehicles on the road is strictly prohibited. Police in key sections set up to check the car, make full use of radar and mobile electronic police, camera, camera and other equipment, the full range of concrete mixing truck thorough investigation and severe punishment of all types of road traffic violations, found together punished together. There are security risks to the unit, issued by the public security police traffic safety rectification notice, so that the enterprise can come up with a feasible rectification opinions to administrative law enforcement and internal control measures to implement internal and external management.

according to the Xining city traffic police detachment Chen Xinping introduction, driving, concrete mixing vehicles speeding lane to grab the line, random unit and other traffic violations and other vehicles is more prominent, the main reason is the characteristics of this special structure of the vehicle has a special operation and the huge rampage, ignoring the regulations, ignoring safety, traffic police detachment will carry out special rectification work, to increase the road vehicle violations punishment. "3· and 12 concrete road traffic accident truck driver traffic lane consciousness has a direct relationship.


2015 city fair investment projects

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Perseverance every year for the city of the fair, is undoubtedly a new opportunity for us to face the rise of the outbreak of a plateau city investment event. Good use of customer resources, improve project docking, both the effectiveness of the city itself, but also a new source of power for the future development of the city.

Guangcai Silk Road and 2015 Xining city development and Investment Fair came in the autumn harvest season, the domestic and foreign new investment hot spot like or admire the plateau with the merchants, to negotiate and cooperate in good faith, with capital, technology, information and projects, here together.

168 projects: seeking new breakthroughs in investment

"Belt and Road Initiative" opportunity has become the strongest voice of the development of the times "". Therefore, this year the city in accordance with the "dry in reality, in the forefront of the work requirements, to promote the development of the strategic group of the eastern city, actively participate in the" The Belt and Road construction, will launch 168 projects in the city consistent, seeking new breakthroughs in investment, the total investment of 183 billion 300 million yuan, involving the construction of the city, industry, commerce, agriculture, science and education, tourism and municipal infrastructure field. This batch of investment projects to accelerate the construction of urban infrastructure in our city, to promote the industry to extend the chain, and promote the integration of tourism and cultural development of great significance.

so, with this batch of project launch and promotion, we will predict the near future, a batch of city level, improve the construction industry extension compensation chain, recycling project will air plant tourism infrastructure construction; a project to build a perfect; to attract strategic investors in the cultural industry projects Agricultural, animal husbandry industrialization projects will blossom everywhere…… Self development in the entire city of Xining, a dual role in promoting force to help out, and constantly improve the urban functions, the construction of the new mature, the appearance of the city change rapidly, city quality improvement, in the eastern city of group economy to achieve leapfrog development journey will shine more radiant light.

: looking forward to the development and construction of the city building;

Insist on investigation, evaluation and punishment to promote administrative efficiency supervision

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in recent years, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau of the county Party committee and government center, combined with the "masses", "grasping style building, promoting the implementation of work" theme practice activities, strengthen the administrative efficiency supervision, examination and assessment, and adhere to the "three", lazy governance governance scattered and disorder treatment in slow change the functions of the government, improve the work style, improve administrative efficiency, optimize the development environment and achieved remarkable results.

focus on "cha". The special supervision, supervision and inspection as an effective way to monitor the effectiveness of the administration, often unremittingly. Major decisions on the deployment of major projects, the implementation of important work to promote the development of a special performance monitoring to ensure that government decrees, clean and efficient promotion of key work. The work style of cadres to carry out a thorough investigation, adhere to the three must check, the festival will check, important work period will check, the masses will check the problem. Through the establishment of administrative efficiency complaint center, the opening of the online complaint mailbox, smooth channels of mass complaints, complaints about the masses to carry out supervision and inspection report to solve practical problems.

innovation approach". Carry out the heart of the masses, service grassroots, promote the development of evaluation. The 66 is the administrative examination and approval, the power of law enforcement departments and public service units of information disclosure, according to law, the construction of service quality, honesty and self-discipline and system five aspects of evaluation, the evaluation questionnaires, survey results and evaluation results of a thorough investigation and assessment work on behalf of and the political popularity of wind hotline and masses of complaints completion rate as the basis, a comprehensive evaluation and determine the results and ranking, evaluation results into the target management assessment, as an important basis for clean and honest assessment, the annual assessment, leadership and cadres selection assessment unit of spiritual civilization. Effectively promote the various units change the style, improve service quality, to further promote the political popularity of wind construction work to a new level.

serious discipline "punishment". Always put the responsibility as an important part of administrative efficiency supervision work, formulated the "accountability measures" does not carry out the work of leading cadres of the party, the effectiveness of accountability and administrative accountability, leading cadres accountability system combination, focusing on the administrative organs leading cadres do not perform, failing to perform or not perform their duties properly due to major mistakes in the work situation of accountability. Since 2011, criticized 13 people, 25 people party and government discipline, 6 people transferred to judicial organs.  


National youth entrepreneurship navigation program will start

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With the help of the young entrepreneurs service force, poor youth growth, boost the local economic and social development, the League Committee Secretary Office recently went to Beijing for the members of the Central Committee and China Youth Entrepreneurs Association decided to support the Green Fair in Qinghai during the start the implementation of the national youth entrepreneurship navigation planning activities.

it is reported that the youth business plan includes navigation successful young entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial public funds case, young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship youth mentoring twinning work. Then, the CYL Central Committee, provincial Party committee will organize the national entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs in our province to carry out teacher twinning, organized Entrepreneurship Forum, successful young entrepreneurs into the University Entrepreneurship story sharing, visit and investigation of young entrepreneurs enterprise investment projects, to provide practical help for our province young entrepreneurs. At the same time, to show my province of youth entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial style of work, the League Committee initiative and the Green Fair Organizing Committee, for a total of 127 square meters of exhibition area, our province will organize youth entrepreneurship entrepreneurial achievements.

to ensure that in 2014 Green Fair entrepreneurs to achieve the desired results in the Qinghai economic and trade cooperation and exchange activities, in accordance with the central leadership of the provincial government and the Secretary of the CYL work instructions, before the Green Fair, provincial Party committee and government departments active engagement, increase the project collection efforts, successively from the 2014 Green Fair the executive committee is a collection of more than and 230 projects, more than and 70 projects were collected from Xining city to the central committee. The central mission of our province investment projects were released by Chinese held a work meeting, Chinese Young Entrepreneurs Association of young entrepreneurs, WeChat group, QQ group website of different platforms, interested in the Qinghai economic and trade activities in the organization of national entrepreneurs to mobilize young entrepreneurs in our province for project investigation and investment.