The 5 way to popularize Tuiyou network for B2B e-commerce website

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said his first electronic commerce should be ashamed, although the school is electronic business, but after graduation didn’t engage in business related work, although the work is related to the Internet, but the real business is not what the intersection and. Of course, because they are doing the promotion of the network, so there will be some experience and experience in the promotion of the site, including e-commerce sites.

we all know our common mode of e-commerce e-commerce site B2B, B2C, C2C and other forms of several mainstream, B2B on behalf of Alibaba, natural and other large gateway, B2C Dangdang, Jingdong, where customers and other well-known enterprises, while C2C is naturally represented by Taobao, and their website promotion way are different, after all, each according to different user groups.

because in the process of popularization of B2B website have more contact, and taking advantage of this to the Tuiyou network ( held the A5 essay, so this article is to promote the B2B website to begin to explain.

1, vertical subdivision.

for the comprehensive B2B portal is not suitable for the general business to do, because saturated in today’s B2B portal basically, after years of development and precipitation of B2B portal, single from the enterprise perspective of the main natural choice is the mainstream of the B2B portal, after all, has a mass flow placed in it, but all the traffic is not high, that is to say the flow is very big, but for the directional flow of business product itself is not very high, so the vertical segments of the B2B industry website naturally into being, because this is the most targeted for the company’s products, the conversion rate of flow is very large. This B2B site was enough to attract business owners attention.

2, content is king.

for a new B2B website (in fact for any new sites should be), a large number of enterprise supply and demand information input is a must, after all, to allow the new business owners know the web site about the development, and a large number of supply and demand data filling is the first impression to the new nature in business owners, it is also decided the enterprise owners on the web after sticky.

3, give the user a piece of land.

for a long-term development down to the B2B website, to maximize the viscous attract business owners, then to business owners a custom to its enterprise information function is a must, for example, to registered enterprise opened the son site, of course, the template diversity also is necessary, after all, different industries is needed different colors of the template collocation, let users have optional room is a good experience.

4, the main step by step.

is to let the business owners feel that this B2B site is useful to him, so natural >

Milk deal landing October 1st this year, the official implementation

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June 8th news, today, the State Food and Drug Administration announced that "management measures of infant formula milk powder formula products registered" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") will be officially implemented in October 1, 2016.

state food and Drug Administration said that the approach was formally promulgated in June 6th. The announcement of the approach, the main content of the media reported previously consistent with the requirement that each enterprise should not be more than 3 formulations in principle series of products in the formula 9. As for the brand probation period, the measures did not mention.

the following is the specific content of the approach:


Electricity supplier self logistics can not do UAV brings another possibility

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This paper uses


on the morning dew

recently circulated on the Internet, some of the Ma Yun right, Jingdong can not discuss.

is the cause of Ma Yun’s words: Jingdong will become a tragedy in the future…… Do you know how many people there are now? 50 thousand! Alibaba is slowly growing up, now only 23000 people. The acquisition adds up to 25000. Do you know why I do not express now Jingdong 50 thousand people, warehousing nearly thirty thousand or forty thousand people, one day with a package of 2 million. I now have an average of 27 million packs a day, what is the concept of China after the next year, there will be a package of up to 300 million, you have to hire a total of 1 million people, then these people will make you dead." (editor’s note: Liu Qiangdong said in January 17th that more than 70 thousand employees in Jingdong in January 2015)


Ma Yunsuan’s account is not alarmist

another electricity supplier company Amazon, has been occupied the human cost of logistics is very awkward entanglement.

, a netizen said, with Amazon delivery uncle chat, said free shipping standards rose to 99 yuan, orders avalanche reduced. The distribution station to base salary is very low, by courier to send royalty income earned. Now free shipping standards doubled, but not a corresponding increase in the amount of the Commission, many couriers can not do it. The uncle said, Amazon distribution station from the basket to the freight car battery have to buy their own staff, POS old hard to use, the only advantage is to pay social security."

whether Ma Yun’s remark or delivery of Uncle Tucao, are a reflection of the problem – the electricity supplier to expand, courier to survive, the cost of self built logistics manpower cost has become a bottleneck of the development of the scale of business.

in the cheap labor era, limited waybill plus the amount of demographic dividend, solve the key distribution problem for business expansion. With the disappearance of the demographic dividend, labor costs continue to increase, self logistics model will expose some new problems, these new problems need new models or more advanced technology to solve.

in the current courier logistics as the core of the system, the algorithm of Ma Yun can be said to perfect. But technology is change rapidly, to judge the future by today’s standards, somewhat "kezhouqiujian".

in fact, touched the sore Amazon has started the development of unmanned delivery machine in the United states. The logistics of UAV Using GPS navigation, as long as the package weight at 5 pounds (within this weight covers Amazon 86% orders), and the destination of the Amazon logistics center distance of not more than 10 kilometers, while the items will be within the next half an hour after the order by the UAV to the user in the hand.

addition, as early as the end of 2013, EMS, UPS, DHL, FedEx and other internationally renowned courier companies have also expressed the need to join the UAV distribution package camp. August 2014, Google acquired UAV Titan Aerospac>

National strategy for the development of foreign trade electricity supplier cross-border electricity

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Commerce Department official said, the development of cross-border e-commerce is an important part of the new competitive advantages of foreign trade

– trainee newspaper reporter Su Shiyu

"the development of cross-border e-commerce is an important part of cultivating new competitive advantages of foreign trade. With the "guidance" on promoting the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce healthy introduction and improvement of continuous refinement and various policy measures, cross-border e-commerce in customs clearance, inspection and quarantine, import and export tax, foreign exchange receipts and other aspects will be more convenient, e-commerce development of cross-border electricity will usher in good." June 16th, deputy director of the Ministry of foreign trade of the Ministry of Commerce, Lu Xun, said in an interview with the Chinese government network.

days ago, the State Council issued the "several opinions on accelerating the development of the new competitive advantages of foreign trade" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), clearly the next period of time, China’s foreign trade steady growth, transfer mode, adjust the structure of the direction. Opinions stressed the need to consolidate the traditional advantages of foreign trade, accelerate the cultivation of new competitive advantages, and promote the transformation from a large trading country to a powerful trading country. At the same time, we should give full play to the important role of foreign trade in China’s overall development.

"China’s foreign trade competitive advantages, such as" The Belt and Road ‘, the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Yangtze River Economic Zone Three strategy to accelerate the implementation of the FTA to accelerate the pace of construction, a strong impetus for the development of foreign trade. In addition, China’s industrial system is relatively perfect, large sets of equipment with independent intellectual property rights, price, performance, cycle and financing and other comprehensive advantages." Zhi Lu said.

Securities Daily reporters learned that the average contribution of foreign trade to economic growth rate of around 18%, is to stimulate national economic growth, one of the "three carriages". Accelerate the development of new competitive advantages of foreign trade, to promote the transformation of China from a big trading country to a powerful trading country.

foster new competitive advantage of foreign trade is to cultivate the brand, the future of China’s foreign trade to achieve the fight to fight the brand, fight quality, fight service change. China will increase the support of brand cultivation, to create a fair and equitable international, the rule of law business environment for enterprises to create a good environment for development." Zhi Lu said.

at the same time, Lu Lu stressed that China’s foreign trade competitiveness depends on the size of the international competitiveness of enterprises. China will encourage enterprises through the introduction of digestion and absorption and innovation, improve their technical level. At the same time, to support enterprises to overseas mergers and acquisitions brand and technology, to go abroad to set up factories to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

"Securities Daily" reporter found that the "opinions" and "put forward to enhance the The Belt and Road along the country’s level of economic and trade cooperation, will foster new advantages and The Belt and Road" strategy closely. Through policy communication, facilities Unicom, trade flow, financing and the people of the same to promote interoperability along the country, deepen all-round cooperation.

branch liuxun said, to promote the work of the future will do "The Belt and Road" strategy in six aspects, one is relying on the bilateral economic and Trade Joint Committee, joint committee and other cooperation mechanisms, jointly promote the implementation.

The police inside the scalper scam business part-time paid return for fraud

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[Abstract] in Jiangsu, Changzhou Province, the police summarized the characteristics of such fraud cases, exposing the four key points of the crime".

Nanjing April 23rd (Gu Yan, Shen Yi) network era, many people find jobs through the Internet, or do a part-time job, or remote virtual work. At the same time, criminals also use the network to release the brush brush reputation and other high paid fake part-time information, requiring the parties to buy prepaid cards and other virtual goods fraud.

in such cases, the most prominent credit hype. Credit speculation is also called "brush", "brush credit", "beat" or "speculation credit", refers to the Taobao shopping, buyers and sellers to raise credit for the purpose, or both in the absence of the actual transaction to make "satisfactory" and "praise" appraisal behavior, to to help sellers improve the credibility of the Taobao store.

April 23rd, Jiangsu Province, Changzhou police summary of such fraud cases, disclosure of the crime four "key point", to the public fund paid part-time fraud prevention.

experience: a single brush cheated more than 30000 yuan in advance of college students

song is a student in a University of Changzhou, usually love the Internet, once, she saw on the Internet there is a business help brush reputation advertisement on a website, Xiao song before listening to the roommate said, do some shopping sites scalping can easily earn commissions, usually because of the small song in his spare time, he had to rely on a single brush to part-time idea, she added each other’s QQ number on the website, the person claiming to be dedicated to help electric brush reputation manager of a company, he told Xiao Song: brush single is not difficult, just after a simple training, but the training before to pay 200 yuan deposit insurance, when the index after the brush single amount specified by the company for the examination, can be a full refund of deposit.

Xiao Song immediately to each other to provide the account remittance 200 yuan, after simple training, there is little song claiming to contact the company for customer service, to provide a little song URL, and Xiao song before the training in accordance with the requirements of the brush reputation of the electricity supplier, to get customer service, small the song spent 180 yuan to buy the store products, then the customer will be 108 yuan and 5 yuan of principal commission to Xiao Song alipay.

single brush will first tasted the sweetness, Xiao Song will continue and customer communication request once again to brush, the customer service every time to let Xiao Song advance way to buy electricity supplier products, then with the return of principal and commissions, but gradually to a single card, many customer service system in the name of wrong small Song advance in repeated brush, Xiao Song has cheated more than 31000 yuan after completely disappeared, QQ will also be Xiao Song to blacklist, unable to contact the song to see light suddenly, immediately reported to the police.

case features: deceived young crowd to extend to a larger social platform

in this kind of case, most of the students in college or just want to take part in the work to make use of spare time to make money for graduation

Network sellers encounter malicious bad blackmail and impose exactions on solutions

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liar everywhere in the world, Taobao is no exception. Trump coffee shop decoration as fish swing net ( of the station, a large number of sellers contact with friends, but also see a lot of bad sellers encounter malicious blackmail and impose exactions on things. I have also encountered a poor professional evaluation of buyers, here to talk about how we can solve the problem of bad things.

first, we encounter malicious bad things, first of all to keep calm, do not panic, must not be able to judge the poor professional buyers down. Because this kind of thing for the first time, there will be second times, or even more. Therefore, we do not easily to blackmail and impose exactions on a penny.

second, encountered such incidents, most of them are novice. And many are just set up shop, in order to lose money reputation and credibility shop. These sellers are very valued store credibility, encountered such a thing, it is easy to be used by novice sellers do not understand the rules of the liar and then cheated Taobao. Therefore, if you encounter bad bad bad luck, it is recommended not to rush to contact each other, the first night of their own Baidu or Taobao community to find ways to understand the rules of Taobao. Be aware of it and other representations, obtaining malicious bad evidence.

third, because of fraud opponents are for do not know Taobao rules of the seller, so the seller and impostor representations, must disguise himself quietly, don’t understand the rules of Taobao, very afraid of bad, let crooks feel your anxiety, fear. Let the liar believe that you do not understand the rules of the seller.

fourth, because Taobao does not support the QQ evidence, therefore in the conversation, trying to make each other want to talk with you as far as possible. A swindler taking evidence, in order to Taobao report.

fifth, through various reasons to try to convince the liar to change the poor first, once the liar changed the poor rating, you do not have to control each other.

sixth, if the difference can not be avoided, but also can not bow. It can be explained by evaluating the explanatory function of the management, or in the obvious position of the shop to remedy it. Never contribute to the living environment of poor professional assessment.

the above view is the small view point Trump coffee own, welcome everyone to share, find a better way.

Sea Amoy new tax individual single transaction within 2000 yuan tariff free

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approved by the State Council, since April 8, 2016, China will implement cross-border e-commerce retail (business to consumers, that is, B2C) import tax policy, and adjust the tax policy.


picture source: network

to create a market environment for fair competition, and promote the healthy development of cross-border e-commerce, approved by the State Council, since April 8, 2016, China will implement the cross-border e-commerce retail (business to consumer, namely B2C) import tax policy, and adjust post tax policy.

currently, personal use, a reasonable number of cross-border e-commerce retail imports of goods in accordance with the actual operation of the postal parcel tax levy. Parcel tax is for non trade properties of imported articles. The tariff and import value-added tax and consumption tax three tax levied on the merger, the tax rate is generally lower than similar imported goods comprehensive tax rate. The cross-border e-commerce retail imports through postal channels of entry, but different from the traditional non trade paper bills, passenger baggage, separation of items such as gifts to friends and relatives, the transaction is only part of the full trade property, parcel tax levied, the overall tax burden level is lower than the general trade import goods of domestic sales and excise tax the formation, unfair competition. To this end, the policy will be cross-border e-commerce retail imports of goods in accordance with the customs duties and import value-added tax, consumption tax.

on cross-border e-commerce retail and import goods in accordance with the goods are taxed at the same time, taking into account the needs of the majority of consumers rational consumption, policy will be a single transaction limit from 1000 yuan (post tax policy in Hong Kong and Macao to 800 yuan) increased to 2000 yuan, and will set a limit of 20000 year trading yuan. Within the limits of the import of cross-border e-commerce retail imports of goods, the tariff rate is set to 0%, the import value-added tax, excise tax exemption tax exemption, temporarily levied by the statutory tax payable of 70%. More than a single limit value, accumulated more than a single individual annual trading limit, as well as the single tax price of more than 2000 yuan limit of indivisible goods, will be in accordance with the general trade tax in full. In order to meet the daily needs of the collection and operation, the relevant departments will develop cross-border e-commerce retail list of imported goods and announced.

taking into account the current regulatory conditions, will be able to provide transaction, payment, logistics and other electronic information into the implementation of cross-border e-commerce retail imports of goods. Not to belong to cross-border e-commerce retail imports of personal items and can not provide electronic information on cross-border e-commerce retail imports, will still be in accordance with the existing regulations.

at the same time, in order to optimize the tax structure, tax declaration, the convenience of the passengers and consumers, improve the efficiency of customs clearance, China will adjust the parcel tax policy, will present four items (corresponding to the rate of 10% respectively, 20%, 30%, 50%) for adjusting gear, the 1 main items for the MFN rate zero goods, items 3 >

Tmall electricity supplier to open up the door to install 2600 counties

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technology news June 19th afternoon news, Tmall today announced the day opened with Haier and rookie network, in more than 2 thousand and 600 counties nationwide to provide electricity free delivery installation.

previously, large appliances online shopping, has been subject to logistics services. The user is sent to a local warehouse in the online ordering furniture, the caller said either pick up, or add money delivery. And even businesses on home delivery so distorted: for large appliances, home delivery is only sent to the ‘cell door’".

Tmall electric appliances city all the promises, when consumers buy on the Tmall platform with "home delivery" logo of the large appliances and other goods, businesses must provide consumers with delivery to consumers with fill in the delivery address, and provide special services to move the building, home delivery. And if the business fails to promise to do home delivery, once verified complaint, consumers will be hundred dollars worth of payment.

Tmall side said, large appliances, home delivery covering more than 2 thousand and 600 districts and counties, to the home, to the door, the information shows that China has 34 provincial-level administrative region of the city, 2862 districts and counties. Tmall appliance city delivery home almost all the country’s online shopping crowd.

up to now, Tmall Electric City home appliances including TCL, SKYWORTH, Midea and Haier hundreds of brand core businesses has been officially on the Tmall online shopping consumers to provide home delivery service, sales of major appliances 8 Chengdu has provided the home delivery service. (


China’s online retail sales 1 years of Internet users to participate in online shopping 500 billion

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news agency, June 16 Shanghai Xinhua (reporter Jiang Yu Zheng Yingying) 2011 Chinese (Shanghai) International Conference on online shopping opened here on the 16 day, China Ministry of Commerce and information technology deputy inspector Nie Linhai said, "12th Five-Year" period, the Ministry of Commerce will Chinese vigorously promote the rapid development of network shopping, and strive to "12th Five-Year" period, online shopping transactions accounted for the proportion of Chinese total retail sales of social consumer goods more than 5%.

as the main form of the development of e-commerce, online shopping has experienced the test of the international financial crisis, has been among the world’s best growing hot industry. According to statistics, in 2010 the global online shopping turnover of more than $800 billion, is expected by the end of 2014 the global online shopping transactions will be more than $10000.

China’s online shopping industry development pace. Nie Linhai said that China’s rapid development of e-commerce, online shopping as an important part of e-commerce, online retail sales in 2010 amounted to 500 billion yuan.

According to the

China Internet Network Information Center released the "twenty-seventh Chinese Internet development statistics report", as of the end of December 2010, China users reached 457 million yuan. Zou Lei iResearch co president said, Chinese 2010 Online Shopping users reached to 148 million people, accounting for the proportion of Internet users Chinese nearly 1/3, namely three China Internet users in one to participate in online shopping.

The Internet penetration rate rose

, to China "online shopping industry" rapid development, from the ordinary consumer online shopping, to the recent popular group purchase, online consumer popular nowadays Chinese consumers blitz. Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce Director Sha Hailin said that in recent years, Shanghai online shopping industry maintained rapid growth momentum, 2010 Shanghai online shopping transactions accounted for the proportion of total retail sales of social consumer goods has exceeded 5%, a number of indicators of network usage and online shopping rate ranks the forefront of China. (end)

Ling’an rural electronic commerce burgeoned in a village there are more than and 20 Taobao dispenser

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to search the Internet "big hand stripping hickory", "30 days sold 4262 pieces, 14169 evaluation and ranked sales list is a farm shop of Ling’an Chang Zhen Bai Niu Cun Wen Wenshan walnut"". Do not look down on such a rural shop, the annual turnover has reached 10 million. In the white cattle village, more than and 20 households engaged in selling goods online business, like this year sold millions, tens of millions of

meet the eye everywhere!

local farm e-commerce, nearly a billion yuan output value

after five years of hard work, "the" credit is the five crown, the shopkeeper named Xu Xing. When he went to his studio, he was busy with the staff, while the vacuum packaging machine, while piled hundreds of large and small parcels. "Now is the off-season, the busiest time, a day to send one thousand or two thousand bags, often have no time to eat rice!"

Xu Xing’s shop with 6 computer, when business is booming, six customer service all battle, every day 6 to 12 pm, two shifts. Light package there are more than and 20 people, a month to send thirty thousand or forty thousand workers. But even if this is enough, there will be three hundred or four hundred parcels can not be issued on the same day.

don’t look at Xu Xing’s business is very big, he is not the village first "eat crab". The oldest is Xu Xing’s cousin, Shao Jie. The shop on the head Shao Jie also wore four crowns, and an annual turnover of nearly 10 million of goods store, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia with her clients, there are a lot of Taiwan.

Chang rich pecan, there are more than and 200 large pecan enterprises, most of them are physical store. In earlier years, Xu Xing was just a store are not sold back to individual households, each year by flipping some sporadic pecan earn tens of thousands of dollars. To open shop, the Giro opened quickly, only a few years, Mount van upgrade to Honda Conditions are becoming better and better., which, according to the situation down, in a few years, perhaps to open on BMW.

led by Xu Xing and Shao Jie, the other white cattle farmers also plunge into this piece of e-commerce cake, just two or three years, suddenly opened a total of more than and 20. This year, the village has three or four people went to Xu Xing from here. According to the person in charge of the town of rough rough calculation, the local farm e-commerce, nearly a billion yuan output value.

what is the magic weapon to promote the value of


village near the town of Changhua Town, there are a number of courier stationed, shipping network unimpeded. In addition, they have a common pattern of success: with the advantage of origin, the main pecan. In order to ensure the quality of their own, often buy pecans, and then get the regular processing roasted enterprise, from acquisition to package shipments, the whole hand guard. Therefore, low price, reliable quality is the magic weapon.

white cattle village "shopkeeper" for consumers to bring more fresh and cheaper products at the same time, also led the party to employment. An online shop to customer service, to pack staff, as well as processing >