Yunnan mining fish Xiang Xiao Hot pot brand

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hot pot in our Chinese food and beverage industry in ancient times, it continues to be able to see its delicious. Over the past few years, the Chinese hot pot market has accounted for half of the food and beverage market. Over the years, Sichuan style hot pot has been occupying the dominant position in the market, the form of a single, a single taste, hot pot industry began to slow down the development of the phenomenon. Hot pot industry continues to inject new vitality into the development of Yunnan Province, the emergence of small fish hot pot of fish, a new whirlwind of food, open a new way to invest in hot pot.

hot pot is delicious, the bottom is very important. The taste of the bottom of the pot directly determines the direct taste of the meal. Yunnan mining fish Xiang Xiao Hot pot exclusive secret many spices stew soup, the first rinse process after cured, brought before for some extreme experience, so that the meat is more delicious, let soup gouwei, a bite to stop. You should have good Hot pot exquisite taste, Yunnan mining fish Township can do, spicy and delicious, sweet and exotic, are all looking for here, hundreds of pots, all let you let you Tiao unable to hide greeds.

Yunnan fishing village small hot pot brand introduction

hot pot restaurants can successy based on the market, business is very important. Yunnan mining fish Township creative small Hot pot model, one pot of convenient features to allow a person to enjoy the food Hot pot has become a reality, the economic benefits, a person can gobble down, a group of people can celebrate dinner, will maximize profits, also can make comparable store turnover in the shop. Yunnan mining township has changed the traditional hot pot investment costs, investment, high risk problems, will be made of hot pot snack mode, greatly improving the success rate.

fierce competition in the food and beverage market, features can attract more attention. Beef and mutton Hot pot Hot pot long occupied the leading position in the industry, to give consumers a taste of fatigue, appear to bring fresh fish Hot pot choice to the market, but also gradually become the Hot pot fish yesterday, everyone on the fish Hot pot also put forward higher requirements. Yunnan mining is Hot pot fish Township to join the project from Yunnan minority, on the low-fat original grouper fish as the main raw materials, the soup color jade, fresh fish, it is really delicious. Even peppers are selected from Lijiang high quality treasures. If you are tired of the fish Hot pot, it is because you haven’t tried Yunnan mining grouper fish town it can give you Hot pot, absolutely amazing taste.

is just a simple introduction of Yunnan mining small fish Xiang Xiao Hot pot to join, if you still have what other problems need to consult our please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

Do you know the location technology of cosmetics store

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if in your side there are two almost the size of cosmetics stores, the store’s products are similar, are you sure that cosmetics are more willing to transportation convenience stores, it can be seen how important cosmetics stores location. What are the techniques of cosmetics store location? Xiaobian this will take you to see.

Second, just mentioned the cosmetics stores in more people gather places like theatres, cinemas or near the park and other places of entertainment, or near the factory or office, because it is easy to draw out the pedestrian, but also easy to let customers remember the shop location. But also in the rapidly growing population, such as enterprises, residential areas or municipal, can bring a lot of customers for the franchise, but also has great potential for development.

Third, cosmetics stores according to its contents to choose the location. The shop in the types of goods sold are not the same, the natural sites demand is different. Some shops open in the local requirements of the large flow of people, like clothing stores, small supermarkets, this shop is not suitable for all stores, like health supplies store or service centers for the elderly, but for some of the more remote, quiet place.

Of course,

the same shop, sometimes a little more than a corner, business may vary greatly, so if you want to open the cosmetics stores, must pay attention to this location, generally speaking, cosmetics stores will choose convenient transportation, mainly in the vicinity of the station.


Do you have a vending machine that brings you into the Xiamen Market

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The advent of

vending machines, for our lives to provide a great convenience, but with the development of the times, a lot of vending machines seem to fade out of the market. Once upon a time, there was a vending machine on the streets of Xiamen, but the public may find that, to this day, many sections of the street are hard to find it. Vending machines are quietly withdraw from the Xiamen market? The following and Xiaobian together with a specific understanding of it.

accounted for about 70% of the vending machine market share of a vending machine operator in charge of the house, especially, it is not so. You think this building, now the industry is still in the period of rise, since their company in May 2012 in Xiamen, the number of self-service vending machines has soared nearly ten times, from the original development to less than one hundred units, more than and 970 Taiwan has now, is expected next year will exceed 1000. The turnover of a single vending machine, but also from 2012 to 20 thousand yuan per year, up to now the annual $40 thousand.

reporter recently visited the self-service vending machines inside and outside the island, for you to decrypt this fresh faces.


is mainly in the school dormitory as well as factories and barracks

it is understood that the self-service vending machines especially building company, currently in the lake, Siming District with two 158 units and 146 units, and the island of four districts, 167 Taiwan, Jimei Haicang Taiwan 169, 164 Taiwan, Taiwan Xiangan Tongan 166 — from the district perspective, basically the same, but the island is obvious "big". Why is it that people are still rare in the streets of them? In our city convenience store blowout situation, where is their living space?

according to the China Chain Store Association issued the "2016 China City convenience store development index", Xiamen ranked highest in the country with a total of 87 points, second only to Shenzhen, the second largest city in the world, after the. The core data of the index is the number of convenience stores chain stores, the number of convenience stores, the proportion of 24 hours convenience store and policy support.

but in particular, it seems that this does not affect the development of vending machines. Especially, said the location of the self vending machine is the main school dormitories and factory factory, army barracks and other places, because these places are relatively "closed" or "remote", and self-service vending machines, can bring convenience to the people there — that is, ".

, for example, there are a lot of student hostels, access control at night, after eleven students are not allowed to go out. At this time if there is a self-service vending machine in the dormitory, the students will be very convenient." In particular, said: in addition, there are many factories in the factory is relatively remote, far away from convenience stores, vending machines set up in these places, can bring great convenience. In addition, we recommend some public places

Zhengzhou chose to join the training captain how drinks – Business

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(Hongkong) International Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, headquartered in Hongkong, the company owns 3 Dalian lock brand, 11 years to build more than 10 thousand popular stores, is an experienced marketing planning, product development, integrated operating company catering catering equipment supporting materials. The captain (Hongkong) International Group Limited company to carry forward the Hot Tea, HK Style culture, to adhere to the professional, and innovative ideas for business. The main direction is "healthy, delicious, cheap, pure Hong Kong style tea for all ages, the addition of innovative Hong Kong style street snack egg and other specialty products.

Zhengzhou drinks selected to join the training captain?

the details to join

1. unified store image, distinctive style, store more than 15 square.

2. free operation, 2 to 4 people can show business, tea.

3. is based on the concept of "healthy, delicious and cheap".

4. provides operational guidance, regular marketing activities.

5. publicity through the , app and other online and offline publicity.

survey data show that China’s tea market consumer groups of more than 500 million, annual consumption at an explosive rate of 36% a year, with milk tea, milk tea tea industry as the representative of the cover has become the value of China’s great investment project.

for the majority of young consumers, white sugar boiling water flat and uninteresting carbonated drinks beverages, tea, beverage taste and superior nutrition and health, has now become the young consumer groups – first – Selection – drink – products. In addition, the tea at the early stage of the project of small investment, low entry barriers, consumer groups, investment security, has a huge advantage in many investment projects to join.

Sichuan good scenery unlimited spring festival tourism tourists

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in many of China’s provinces, Sichuan is a famous large province, the characteristics of the local tourism, in the market visibility is high, has been the favorite of consumers, so there are a lot of people during the Spring Festival long trip to Sichuan! Reporters from the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Commission was informed that this year the Spring Festival Golden Week, Sichuan tourists and revenue to achieve double growth, the province’s total tourism income of 35 billion 569 million yuan, an increase of 19.6%, 63 million 835 thousand and 900 tourists, an increase of 10.2%.

according to statistics, Sichuan province into the Golden Week tourism information statistics 73 scenic spots (Huanglong scenic due to seasonal weather closed), the Spring Festival Golden Week 7 days a total of tourists received a total of 11 million 337 thousand and 100 passengers, an increase of 8.19%.

during the Spring Festival, Sichuan held a number of organizations around the rich and colorful culture, folk custom tourism festival, Lantern Festival, Chengdu panda Suining International Fireworks Festival, Chengdu Jurassic Wuhou Temple temple, Xichang temple, the ancient city of Langzhong Li Zhou cultural exhibition, Sanxingdui ancient Shu worship, Zigong international dinosaur lantern festival of flavor and atmosphere. Tourism and cultural activities, not only enrich the festive atmosphere, but also activate the people desire to travel, to stimulate consumer demand.

busy a year later, the arrangements for the holiday, not only between the reunion between loved ones, the more popular among relatives of tourism! Sichuan scenery is infinitely good, the Spring Festival travel tourists, tourists travel to increase the rational, exit, out of the province to travel fiery, suburban tour, self driving tour continues to be a tourist preference. During the Spring Festival, go to the countryside to enjoy the beauty of the countryside, the taste of taste is the first choice for many urban residents. Hot spring snow has become a popular winter tourism products in Sichuan, favored by tourists.

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Employment in Beijing to enjoy subsidies

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talent is the driving force of urban economic development, major cities are introduced preferential policies, the purpose is to attract more talent to urban employment, entrepreneurship. Beijing human social security bureau recently issued a notice to apply for college graduates to apply for subsidies renamed job subsidies. At the same time, to apply for a new category of people: in the school year to obtain national student loans.


How to determine the standard of

1000? City Human Social Security Bureau said, in conjunction with the Municipal Finance Bureau, City Board of education college graduates employment, according to the actual situation, make the reference of other provinces should be sufficient to pay the current subsidy standard, in the process of job seekers resume production, public transportation and other expenses.

"one-time payment of subsidies for college graduates employment entrepreneurship qualified graduates, will effectively reduce the economic cost, help them better access to the employment market, the implementation of the work." Relevant person in charge said.

it is reported that college graduates subsidies by the university organization qualified applicants. After the audit will be submitted to the list of subsidies to the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau will be paid directly to the subsidy funds to individual accounts of College graduates. For failing to declare within the centralized processing period, before the end of the year can still apply for the relevant formalities by the Municipal Finance Bureau one-time centralized payment.


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Fruit shop more profitable business skills

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in our life, every day for the fruit demand is very large, and now in the small way we can often see some fruit shop, fruit shop is now very popular.

As for the

The second is to be

management fruit, threshold does not seem high, but the scale is far.

fruit with a variety of business scale: how to do fruit business? Some put fruit stand in the street, fruit stores, grocery store and some combined business, also has the fruit store. Every summer, there are specialized in the street to sell fruit trucks, equivalent to a mobile fruit stalls.

Steamed Buns store decoration note what – the whole

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steamed bread is not a special delicious food, however, the current market demand is quite a lot, so that the food has a good investment prospects. For this reason, now the bread is becoming the ideal direction for investors in the business, and in a lot of competitors today, how do you make it? We believe that the decoration is a direction worthy of attention, in addition to the basic requirements of the decoration style, operators also need to know some decoration skills? After reading the small series of analysis of the main points of the analysis of the steamed bread shop decoration you know how to decorate.

steamed bread shop decoration how to do? Many entrepreneurs don’t know what decoration can play a finishing touch effect. In this case we have to recognize that decoration is a very exhausting thing, and most of my friends are very unprofessional, lack of experience, the franchisee not only need to convey ideas to the decoration company, and also to join Brand Company in many aspects of communication, general headquarters requirements for its store decoration style, and also have professional the decoration of the development and planning, it can reduce the pressure of the franchisee!

but we believe that we should also have their own characteristics in the tradition, and in the company style consistent when investors should attach great importance to the design of the restaurant, and fashion elements into them, and referring to the western dining environment, create a petty bourgeoisie, completely different from oil consumers in the heart Steamed Buns franchise Montreal and heavy taste the smell of the impression.

The budget must do this point before decoration

and Steamed Buns joined according to the shop area and the actual situation, with reference to other shop decoration price, the franchisee should at least the price valuation himself to look, some companies will help the franchisee to estimate decoration funds, these are coordinated factors, you can choose to join your own situation.

is generally the headquarters to provide professional solutions for investors, but Xiaobian that investors can have their own plan, also must know Steamed Buns joined some elements of the decoration of the shop, the most basic knowledge of the decoration, the real plan to make their investment into practice, so as to ensure that consumers in the store design and the dining environment!


is not a feast, but because of the popularity of the bread in the market, so that the investment opportunity has become a good choice. In short, the development of the space Steamed Buns, has been by the small business must now open a Steamed Buns stores must do the decoration links, in addition to the headquarters of the scheme, the key is to design the operators themselves to work, the choice of decoration materials, should be in place to ensure Steamed Buns franchise has stopped to attract more consumers, business is booming.

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Chuzhou will hold the first Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

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all over the country in order to mobilize people to actively venture, the introduction of a number of measures to help people carry out entrepreneurial activities in Anhui, Chuzhou will host the first venture to promote entrepreneurship.

to mobilize young people to actively respond to the national "public entrepreneurship, innovation" the call of Chuzhou City, the Department will jointly held the first Chuzhou Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition, encouragement and support more young people to enhance the awareness of innovation, improve business skills, to join the business practice.

It is reported that this contest is

, by the municipal Party committee, Municipal Bureau of human resources and social development and Reform Commission, the city’s first Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition organized by a number of departments and Information Commission, the Bureau of Commerce, agriculture etc.. The contest participants is the city’s 18 to 45 years of Chuzhou’s young or in Chuzhou youth entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial projects and innovation projects can participate in the contest. The entry requirement is with certain entrepreneurial ability and feasible venture, innovation project in recent years through independent innovation, invention and utility model has certain technical content and market prospect of patents, including information services, software design and development, cultural and creative products and services can be contestants participating in or authorized invention patent, or outside production, can also be a possible concept of product or service.



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Ma Tianmin’s operation of the road

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open a shop after how to operate, but it has a lot of knowledge we need to master. The horse moons cigarette and liquor vendor is located in Suining County, Huang Huai private District, the store of cigarettes for more than and 20 years, the monthly sales of cigarettes were more than more than and 300, net profit of 2 thousand yuan in sales. The reason why Ma can taste the sweetness of tobacco, because she has her way of operation:

standard operation to do people really

in the process of regulating the operation of cigarettes, she always adhere to the "three disciplines, the attention of the eight", always keep in mind and earnestly implement. The so-called "three discipline", is not the sale of cigarettes, do not sell cigarettes, consignment chaos channels of purchase; the so-called "eight note", is that bright card business, pay attention to beautiful cigarette display, health, pay attention to the new note counter propaganda, pay attention to the inventory structure, pay attention to the amount of deposit, pay attention to the pre written orders, pay attention to communication.

in good faith to play out the real hard signs, especially in the current real estate during the tense period of cigarettes, she resolutely do not sell pirated cigarettes, unplanned smoke, not to make money conscience. Some tobacco dealers to start a family offensive, saying that this period of tension in the supply, with the point of the field of cigarettes, both to help relatives and friends, but also profitable. She thought: taking profits, do not forget righteousness. So, no matter who to sell cigarettes, she unceremoniously ordered "".

low-grade tobacco is nervous, she did not sell a pack of cigarettes and unplanned cigarette. In compliance with the price tag, she also looks. For some neighbors, friends, willing to make profits on other commodities or not to make money, but also in the price of cigarettes is not a penny. Through the use of the "world of service," the newspaper repeatedly propaganda, sincere communication, not only eliminates the misunderstanding of friends and relatives, but also to make friends and relatives in other customers to expand the positive impact.

to improve the service, do careful warm

as a cigarette retailer, she always put the customer manager to teach the knowledge into her own ability. Especially in the current real estate cigarette tense, for some customers only a few brand situation, she always pay attention to the new cigarette brand promotion work, with the help of the "Yellow Crane Tower weekly" and "monthly" positive publicity to the customer our new brand of Yellow Crane Tower and a series of Hongjinlong cigarettes, and guide rational consumption, ease tensions. She also took the initiative to cooperate with marketing department to "three members".

is a tobacco law advocates, two is the price supervision and maintenance, information transmission is three. At the same time, she also took on the customer service targeted ordering, on-site service. As for weddings, birthday and other festive family housing households, she took the initiative to contact, understand their needs, in order to ensure home services, in a timely manner to the customer manager feedback customer specific requirements as far as possible, adjust replenishment procedures, customer satisfaction assured. < / recommendation